21 Struggles Anyone Who Had Braces As A Kid Will Remember

Brace yourself for a trip down memory lane...

  1. 1

    Being really excited to get braces because all your friends had them, only to realize how painful they actually are

  2. 2

    Absolutely dreading school picture day

  3. 3

    Wondering what you could've possibly done to deserve this torture

  4. 4

    Thinking that your orthodontist was a actually a sadist

  5. 5

    Living in constant fear that you had something stuck in your teeth

  6. 6

    Lying to the orthodontist about how much of the forbidden foods you actually ate

  7. 7

    Eventually realizing that although you could choose the color of your brackets, it didn't make braces any cooler

  8. 8

    Getting to leave school early only to have to go to an orthodontist appointment

  9. 9

    Feeling as though you'd be stuck with braces forever and absolutely hating how they made you look

  10. 10

    The horror of having exposed wires or brackets dig into your gums

  11. 11

    And the relief you felt once you applied orthodontic wax to ease the pain

  12. 12

    The face you'd make when the orthodontist came towards you with metal tools

  13. 13

    Trying to convince yourself that braces were cool since you were going to be stuck with them for a while

  14. 14

    The awkward face you made when you tried to smile with a mouth full of metal

  15. 15

    Feeling a little bit better when you saw that even celebrities had to have braces too

  16. 16

    Trying to hook your rubber bands to your brackets properly and being afraid they'd snap

  17. 17

    Being terrified that this would happen

  18. 18

    Being thrilled when you were told you were getting them removed soon

  19. 19

    The feeling you got when you ran your tongue across your teeth right after getting them off

  20. 20

    Being so excited to finally wear a retainer because anything was better than braces

  21. 21

    Knowing that in the end it was all worth it because now you have a beautiful, straight smile!

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