23 Things All Denver Broncos Fans Know to Be True

We bleed blue and orange! Go Broncos!

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    1. God is a Broncos fan.

    How else would you explain this majestic blue and orange sunset?

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    2. No one compares to the ultimate super-fan, the Barrel Man.

    Tim “Barrel Man” McKernan (1940-2009) attended every single Broncos home game and no matter the weather, he could be found wearing nothing but a barrel, a cowboy hat and cowboy boots. He is a true Mile High Legend who we will never forget.

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    3. John Elway is a god among men.

    Elway spent his entire 16 year career with the Broncos and led his team to six AFC Championship Games and five Super Bowls including 2 back-to-back victories in '97 and '98.

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    4. The Mile High Salute is the greatest touchdown celebration of all time!

    The Broncos love their fans so much, the Mile High Salute was invented in order to show appreciation after each touchdown.

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    5. In order to love the Broncos, you must hate the Raiders.

    There are no exceptions to this rule.

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    6. When a Colt grows up, he becomes a Bronco.

    Former Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning continues to make history with the Broncos and holds the record for most touchdown passes in NFL History.

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    7. No matter what the "official" name is, this place will always be known as Mile High Stadium.

    Not Invesco Field at Mile High. Not Sports Authority Field at Mile High. Just Mile High Stadium.

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    8. We’ll always be grateful to Mike Shanahan for his many years with the Broncos including two Super Bowl victories as Head Coach.

    He also helped lead the Broncos to the Super Bowl in '86 and '87 while serving as offensive coordinator!

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    9. You're never too young to start rooting for your team!

    She was born a Bronco!

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    10. Robin Williams made an amazing Broncos cheerleader!

    In 1979, Williams ran onto the field in front of 70,000 fans dressed as a Broncos Cheerleader while filming an episode of "Mork & Mindy".

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    11. Terrell Davis belongs in the NFL Hall of Fame.

    Throughout his career, Davis ran a total of 7,607 yards and 65 touchdowns. Not only that, but he was also league MVP as well as Super Bowl MVP and was one of only four players to rush 2,000 yards in one season.

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    12. Broncos fans are really chill, dude.

    We put the "high" in Mile High Salute.

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    13. We will never forget the infamous "Orange Crush" Defense.

    The Orange Crush Defense was the 3–4 defense of the during the late 70's and early 80's and was one of the top defenses of its time.

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    14. Even our pets are loyal fans!

    Can you blame us? We're Coloradans! We're crazy about our dogs!

  16. 16

    15. The word "Omaha" means something completely different to us.

    It's no longer a quaint Midwestern city.

  17. 17

    16. Bronco mania is contagious and even caused the entire nation to go on a “Tebowing” frenzy!

    Don't try to act like you didn't do it!

  18. 18

    17. Our opponents can't always handle the high altitude.

    After all, Denver is located a 5,280 feet above sea level, giving us a tremendous home field advantage. #SorryNotSorry

  19. 19

    18. "Mile High Magic" is real and experiencing it is totally worth freezing your ass off.

    Do you believe in magic? We do!

  20. 20

    19. We have some seriously sexy cheerleaders!

    Gimme a D-E-N-V-E-R!

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    20. Our love for our team keeps us “United in Orange” like nothing else can!

    A sea of orange.

  22. 22

    21. Our mascot, Thunder is a majestic and splendid steed stampeding towards victory!

    We sometimes wonder if Thunder is actually a magical unicorn. We love you, Thunder!

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    22. We may be a little crazy, but it’s just because we love our team SO MUCH!

    That's dedication!

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    23. No matter what, Broncos fans will always bleed ORANGE AND BLUE!

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