27 GIFs Explaining Life in The Middle East Right Now

This new Tumblr called BehindMediaLines sums it up perfectly.

  1. 1

    So you probably heard that Israel and Hamas are at war right now

  2. 2

    So here are a bunch of GIFs that explain what life is like in this area these days

  3. 3

    Tourists in Tel Aviv would be like

  4. 4

    What my friends abroad are like when I tell them to come visit

  5. 5

    Commenting on a political post of a friend

  6. 6

    Celebrities tweeting strategy

    #Rihanna #Selena

  7. 7

    Reading Hamas’s demands for a ceasefire

  8. 8

    Israeli girls' reaction towards Hamas after the Backstreet Boys cancelled their show in Israel

  9. 9

    The current escalation - How Israel sees it:

  10. 10

    How Hamas sees it:

  11. 11

    How the world sees it:

  12. 12

    Hamas’ strategy these past couple of years

  13. 13

    When I'm not sure if that’s a loud motorcycle or a siren

  14. 14

    Jon Stewart after his segment on Israel

  15. 15

    When I heard Hamas uses explosive donkeys

  16. 16

    When a “ceasefire” is agreed. again.

  17. 17

    When people say "both sides should just stop fighting!"

  18. 18

    When I hear the word “peace” in a conversation

  19. 19

    The peace-talks progress

  20. 20

    Terror tunnels? What terror tunnels?

  21. 21

    Realizing that the only country backing Israel is actually Germany

  22. 22

    When the UN finally admits Hamas hid rockets in their schools

  23. 23

    Watching the news 24 hours a day

  24. 24

    Meanwhile in America

  25. 25

    When despite FAA ban, former New York mayor Bloomberg flies to Israel

  26. 26

    When the commander calls to make sure I'm ready for duty

  27. 27

    And Finally: Trying to gain the world’s support

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