4 Ways to document your baby's life... that aren't Facebook

Try these nifty scrapbooking ideas!

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    Buy a polaroid camera

    Get unashamedly hipster. A polaroid camera means you only get one chance to take that photo so you think a bit more about it. It prints out a hard copy instantly so you cherish it a little bit more than a phone full of baby pictures. You can develop a collection and put them into a scrap book as soon as the photo is taken, which is a plus.

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    Get Collaborative!

    When family and friends spend time bonding with your little one, ask them to take a picture, do a drawing, write a poem or some arts and crafts that sums up their day with your little munchkin. It’s always delightful to see what people come up with, and even can give you a new perspective on how people get on with your child. Then all you have to do is keep these treasures in a acid free scrapbook and the creative work is done.

  3. 3

    Online Scrapbook

    If you have plenty of digital photos and don’t want to have to buy more “stuff” to help with the scrap booking, you can do it digitally and get the book printed and delivered to your door with no cleaning up required! Get started with www.shutterfly.com/‎

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    Traditional scrapbooking

    Set some time aside when bubba is sleeping and design your own custom scrap book. It’s everything you love about Instagram and Pinterest but in a tactile form. And doing something practical with your hands can help your mind relax and zone out for a bit.Find some inspiration on etsy.com

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