A Little Girl Left Her Stuffed Bunny At This Fancy Hotel And The Staff Gave It 5 Star Treatment

They used the viral photos to reunite it with it's rightful owner.

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    Adare Manor is a five star resort in Ireland that is known for its fine golf-course and beautiful scenery. Recently the Adare Manor has been making waves with its series of hilarious photos involving a lost stuffed bunny.

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    When the staff discovered the lost bunny they decided to have a little fun with it instead of placing it in a boring bin in lost and found. They gave it 5-star service!

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    The bunny received one of the finest rooms, a mini bathrobe, messages, afternoon tea, and more.

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    The images ended up going viral and as a result the family of the little girl who lost it got into contact with the hotel.

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    "Jellycat" was reunited with his rightful owner, Kate. Check out the original Facebook page of the Adare Manor Hotel here: https://www.facebook.com/adaremanorhotel/timeline

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