English Words That Means Quite Ridiculous Things In Swedish

I've made a list of some English words that translates to some very funny things in my motherland, Sweden :-)

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    "Gift" can mean two different things in Swedish. Gift=Married Gift=Poison. And I don't think it's a coincidence at all hahaha...Anyway, it's pronounced kinda like: "Yeeft"

  2. 2


    "Kiss" in swedish means "Pee".And it's pronounced like the English word.

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    In english, a "Bra" is a womens underwear. In Swedish, it means "Good". It is a very common swedish word & if you're going to Sweden you will definitely hear it a lot. It's also pronounced the same as the English word.The swedish word for "Bra", however, is "BH", which stands for "Bröst hållare" & that means "Breast holder", literally a thing that holds your breasts. ...I know. it's so easy to get turned on by that...

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    I love this tumblr post hahaha... "Slut" does mean "The End" in Swedish. It can also mean "Finished"

  5. 5

    Slut can also mean sold out

    So when Swedish store tried to tell customers that some of its costumes has sold out...they did this.

  6. 6


    When the train or buss arrives to it's final destination, it's called the "Slutstation”

  7. 7

    And almost every time a movie comes to it's end, it says "Slut" on the screen.

  8. 8


    "Fart" means "Speed" in swedish! And a "Fart-hinder" is a "Speed bump"!

  9. 9


    It's definitely not a control of farts.... No, "Fart kontrol" means "Speed check" in Swedish. And that is when it may get expensive for drivers who likes a good "Fart".

  10. 10


    Infart = EntranceUtfart = Exit...Swedish IS a very normal language, I promise.

  11. 11

    FACK (=F*CK)

    "Fack" is a swedish word that is pronounced just like the english F-word (F*ck). But it means "Trade" or "Box" Which means that you can walk around saying "Bra F*ck" in Sweden & people will just think you're saying "good box" or "good trade".Also, "Facket" is short for "Fackförbundet" which means "Labour union" or "Trade union confederation", but if you say "Facket", it sounds like "F*ck it".

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    "Skit" in english is a sketch, a satirical or humorous story. In Swedish...it means "Sh*t".

  13. 13


    "Rap" in English is a music genre. In Swedish it means "Burp". But, "Rap" actually is the Swedish word for the music genre as well. Not really sure if that makes it any better though...."Oh, I was just listening to this really good burper..."

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    "Fan" in English is either a winding machine, or someone who is tied to a team or an artist. In Swedish, "Fan" is a short word for "The Devil". It can also mean "Sh*t" or "F*ck". It's a curse word.

  15. 15


    "Kock" is pronounced the same as the English word for male genitalia (Cock). However, it means "Chef" in Swedish.

  16. 16


    "Kackerlacka" is Swedish for "Cockroach" & the reason I put it here is simply because it's such a hilarious word to say. The creature is not very funny though...

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