Fun Fall diy decorations

Spruce up your home this Fall season

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    Pumpkin Less Jack O Lanterns

    These are just really fun. My kind of craft because I dont really enjoy carving pumpkins so this fun little craft is easy and super cute heres the link to the project

  2. 2

    Fun BOO Sign

    Ooh sparkly! I love how the letters hang by the orange and white ribbon. Heres the link for the sign

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    Candy Corn Banner

    This is another really fun and easy Halloween Decoration. Paint the outside orange, yellow in the middle and white at the bottom. Then cut into small triangles and attach with ribbon.

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    Fake Pumpkin Door Decorations

    Fake Pumpkin decorating is just so convenient, you don't have to worry about messy cleanup or rotting pumpkins. With this one all you have to do is cut the fake pumpkins in half and nail them slightly in your door not so hard! You can also go crazy on decorating the pumpkins. A fun idea would be making personalized fake pumpkins for the whole family, the kids can doodle on theirs. Stamps and ribbons are also fun.

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    Halloween Cutout Shape Garland

    So Creative and fun, all you have to do is take black or any color construction paper and cut out some spooky creatures and hang by ribbon and tape.

  6. 6

    A Friendly Monster Door Cuuuute!

    A simple plastic tablecloth that can be bought from a local dollar store, another plastic tablecloth to cut out horns and spots , a mouth and a eye.

  7. 7

    Glow in the dark Pumpkins

    Wow this is neat I love this idea. Again can be used with fake pumpkins! Supplies include: Fake Pumpkins, What's called Tulip Glow in the dark paint, paint brushes. You can really go all out with this project, their are such fun glow in the dark colors and ideas.

  8. 8

    Tomato Cage Ghosties

    Verrry easy this project is. All you need is a Tomato Cage, String lights in various Halloweeny colors, a King size Pillow case and a Sharpie. Decorate the Pillow case pop it over the tomato cages with the lights and there ya go easy fun!

  9. 9

    Ghoulie Milk Jugs

    These would look so cute outside a house in like a garden orjst front yard, back yard wherever really. Supplies include: Clean milk jugs, Sharpies, Knife and clear Christmas lights. Again let the kids go to work on these too and decorate tyour whole home.

  10. 10

    Skeleton Hand Halloween Wreath

    This project literally would only take 15 minutes at the most and it is really cool. Supplies include: 9 plastic skeleton hands from the dollar store, A Chalkboard, Hot glue gun, Chalk pen, and Silver spray paint. Spray paint the skeleton hands silver, glue the hands in a circle on the chalkboard, On the chalkboard with the chalk pen write anything you please, then let it dry. Hang up and enjoy!

  11. 11

    Diy Witches Brooms

    Propped out on the porch I love it and all you need is a dollar store broom. Supplies: Brooms, Glitter, Glue, ribbon, black spray paint. Spray paint the brooms and let them dry, apply some glue and the glitter and dry,Wrap ribbon and other decor around the broom.

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    Halloween Candles

    Gosh these are pretty and can be put in the center of a table, shelf anywhere and just be displayed georgeously. Supplies for this project include: Prayer Candles, rubbing alcohol, Opaque Black Glass paint, Doilies, Spider glass stencil or any other creepy stencils, Painters Tape, Sponge Daubers, Toothpicks and Cotton Swabs. Here are instructions for this lovely project

  13. 13

    Witch Cauldron

    So funny and creative! Super easy too here are the supplies needed: A plastic Cauldron (you can usually get these from the dollar store), Pool Noodles, Witches Tights, Batting, Witch Shoes, Optional a Battery operated Push Light. Here are the instructions

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