Princess Kate's Fairytale Picture Timeline Proves That She Was Born To Be Royal

In honor of the Duchess's 34th birthday, we take a trip down memory lane with some of our favorite moments in her life.

  1. 1

    1982: Catherine Elizabeth Middleton was born on January 9, 1982, in Reading, Berkshire, England.

  2. 2

    1985: Kate had a happy childhood, spending time outside and exploring her adventurous side

  3. 3

    1986: Kate was enjoying the jetset lifestyle as her parents worked for British Airways in Amman, Jordan from May 1984 to September 1986

  4. 4

    1987 When Kate was 5, the Middleton family moved back to England in late 1986.

  5. 5

    1990: Kate and Pippa both joined the local Brownies club, where they went on trips and played sports!

  6. 6

    1986-1995: Kate attended the prep school in Pangbourne, Berkshire.

  7. 7

    1995-2000: Kate started at co-ed boarding school Marlborough.

  8. 8

    1999: Before graduating at Marlborough, Kate, 17, excelled at school while maintaining her silly side

  9. 9

    2001: Kate met Prince William as a freshmen at St. Andrew's University.

    Will paid $200 to cheer her on from the front row at a charity fashion show.

  10. 10

    2003: By 2003, Kate and Wills were officially (and secretly!) a couple.

  11. 11

    2005: On June 23, Will and Kate graduated from St. Andrews.

  12. 12

    2006: Post-college, Kate went to work in London as an assistant accessories buyer for the clothing brand Jigsaw.

  13. 13

    2007: The Sun reported Will and Kate split that April — apparently over the phone. By June 2007, they reconciled.

  14. 14

    2008: Even back with William, Kate still maintained her independence. Here, she's partying at a charity event, the Day-Glo Midnight Roller Disco.

  15. 15

    2009: Though the couple were back together, they tried to keep their romance as out of the spotlight as possible.

  16. 16

    2010: Prince William proposed to his girlfriend of eight years — with his late mother's sapphire ring.

  17. 17

    2011: In a storybook ceremony, the prince and his bride said "I do" at Westminster Abbey on April 29.

  18. 18

    2011: During the couple's first year of marriage, Kate quickly jumped into the world of royal duties.

  19. 19

    2012: The new family settled in Anglesey, North Wales adding a new cocker spaniel puppy, Lupo.

  20. 20

    2012: The couple decided to publicly announce their pregnancy on December 6.

  21. 21

    2013: Catherine gave birth to Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge on July 23, 2013

  22. 22

    2014: Catherine took little Prince George along on a three-week tour through Australia and New Zealand.

  23. 23

    2015: Catherine gave birth to Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.

  24. 24

    2015: By fall, Kate was back to work, raising awareness about her favorite causes!

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