This is The Ultimate Proof That Your Cats Care About You More Than You Think

As Charles Dickens once said: “What greater gift than the love of a cat”

  1. 1

    Cat Saves Boy From Dog

    A four-year-old boy has declared his faithful cat a hero after she leapt to his rescue when a dog bit him and pulled him off his bike. Jeremy Triantafilo was playing in the drive of his California home on Tuesday when the dog attacked him, only for Tara to fly in, hurl herself at the dog and chase it off down the street moments later

  2. 2

    Survived Breast Cancer Thanks to Her Cat

    Buddy the cat discovered his owner, Esther Kacev, has breast cancer and saved her life

  3. 3

    Cats - 1, Pit Bulls - 0

    Cherry Woods was walking back to her home when she saw two dogs from a distance. When they started charging towards her, she tried to fight them off, but they knocked her down. Her husband, Harold Woods, said he was inside the home when he heard her screams. He unsuccessfully tried to separate the dogs from his wife, he said.That’s when the couple’s cat, Lima, jumped into the fray. She hissed at the dogs and distracted them. "I was able to grab my wife and pull her inside the house," he said

  4. 4

    Caty Poppins

    Stewie the cat-sitter helps baby Connar to sleep

  5. 5

    The Hero of Oz

    Damon Osborne has diabetes and recently fell into a diabetic coma. His girlfriend was asleep in another room. That's when Oz, their cat, started to bother her and wouldn't give up. "He would not leave me alone until I got up," she said. "I came into the living room and found my boyfriend unconscious on the living room floor, and at that time I called 911 immediately". This is the 3rd time the cat has done this

  6. 6

    Dr. Rusty

    Rusty, a cat rescued from a shelter by Claire Nelson, acted out of character just when Claire was not feeling well. As it turned out, Claire was having a heart attack

  7. 7

    Shark-Cat Saves Bird from Drowning

    Ok, so not exactly saving it. But he's cute and cleans the house too

  8. 8

    Kitty Karate

    Peter Choyce, wheelchair-bound by a bad spine, was typing on his laptop with his cat by his side. Two men in a white car drove by, apparently saw what they thought would be an easy mark and stopped. In the space of a second or two, the assailant punched Choyce in the face, grabbed the laptop — and was attacked by little Unshkins. The cat flew up in the face of the attacker, clawing frantically and bloodying the criminal's face

  9. 9

    Rescue Cat Returns a Favor

    In a furry turn of events, a once rescued kitten returned the favor and helped rescue one of his owners from sudden cardiac arrest. Buddy began meowing, jumping around, and making a huge fuss to alert Jennifer Chap that her husband Rick had collapsed on the kitchen floor

  10. 10

    Cat Fights Tooth Decay

    An all time favorite

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