This Polish Man Just Had His Hands Successfully Reattached

This happened in real life!

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    Sylwester Ordon lost both of his hands in a work related accident during his first day on the job. Sylwester is from a small town in Poland, but was able to have an operation to reattach his hands in Krakow this past week.

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    The surgery took ten hours and two teams of anesthesiologists, surgeons, instrumentalists, and nurses to complete it. Sylwester reported today that he could feel his fingers for the first time since his accident.

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    Sylwester said 'I feel good after the surgery. I could move my fingers the next day. I believed in success because I was told that this hospital is able to do this. I didn’t lose hope. I want to thank all the doctors and nurses who took care of me, I want to thank the whole hospital.'

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    Even with his excellent progress, Doctors warn that Sylwester has a long road ahead of him. He'll need extensive rehabilitation, and they won't actually know how successful they've been for at least six months.

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    It's worth noting that all of the doctors that worked with Sylwester were volunteers and not affiliated with the government or an institution. Sylwester, we hope you get better soon!

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