What Happens When Unbelievably Rude Guys Can't Take No For An Answer?

A new Instagram account, ByeFelipe, documents harassment against women. What a great way to raise awareness about this issue! #YouOkSis

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    A woman set up an amazing Instagram account - called ByeFelipe - which allows women to upload screenshots of online harassment.

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    These screenshots show the shocking way men sometimes respond to women who show disinterest in their advances.

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    And violent responses to women who chose not to respond at all.

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    Some women made it clear that prying questions weren't welcome. They, too, got aggressive reactions.

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    What an important way to raise awareness! To see more go to the account: http://bit.ly/1tzNozC

    Have you ever been a victim of online harassment? Feel free to share your stories here!

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